1099-MISC/W-2 Reporting Info

E-Filing Tax Forms with Wagefiling: Just How Much Will It Save You?

Since the time businesses began having to report employee and contractor wages to the IRS and SSA, filing has been a bit of a hassle. Let us paint you a picture here. In the beginning, business owners would have to order W-2/1099 forms and software from a catalog (using a fax machine. Oh the horror).

W-2 vs. 1099: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

Having just reached the start of November, tax season may still be the furthest thing from your mind. The truth is, it shouldn’t be. As a small business owner, taxes and specifically, the forms associated with them, are crucial to have on your radar all year long. Equally as important is having a comprehensive understanding

Top Reasons to Ask the IRS for a Tax Extension

While it may seem simple, becoming a small business owner is anything but. From long hours to making very little money your first couple of years, running a small business can be complicated and overwhelming at times. One of those times comes around once a year when the taxman comes calling. In many cases, it

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The Pros and Cons of Filing Taxes Online

The Pros and Cons of Filing Taxes Online   In today’s modern world, you no longer have to head to your local tax office and wait forever for an agent to file your taxes for you. Today, you can simply get online and with a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse, file your

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Time Management Tips for Small Businesses

Time Management Tips for Small Businesses   If you are just starting out in your small business, then you already know that you are going to have to wear many hats, work long hours, and refrain from pulling out your own hair at times. What many small business owners don’t realize is that effective time

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Top Ways Your Small Business Might Be Breaking the Employment Laws

  In your small business, if you have gotten to the point where you are able to hire a few employees, you want to be just and fair with them from the beginning. However, according to recent reports, many small business owners are breaking employment laws without even realizing they are breaking them. One of

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