Who Uses WageFilng?


As a small business, you have a LOT of problems to solve. Filing your contractor and employee taxes shouldn’t be one of them.

Our unique, web-based software was built specifically for small businesses like yours. As a small business ourselves, we understand what challenges you face during tax season, and we’ve worked hard to make 1099-MISC and W-2 filing fast, painless and affordable.

An IRS Quality Supplier since 1996, we are the only e-filing company who is owner-operated, from programming to support. See why WageFiling is the most trusted name in small business e-filing since 1990 – start filing today.

What are the benefits of filing with WageFiling?

Print IRS-approved forms on plain paper.

No need for forms or special paper. Simply enter your 1099-MISC or W-2 data in our online software, and preview your prepared, IRS-approved form. After checkout, print recipient copies on plain paper, mail and done!

Identity protection with SSN masking

Opt in to our IRS approved SSN Masking service, which protects the identities of you, your employees and contractors on recipient copies. This service uses an “X” in the first 5 digits of the tax ID number, allowing you to mail, or even email, recipient copies in safety.

Go green!

Did you know that traditional small businesses wage reporting sends millions of unused tax forms to the landfill each year? This year, help us save 3 million forms from being wasted, by e-filing your 1099-MISC and W-2 forms. Join us – pledge to file today!