Reporting services are an important part of the tax filing process. Without this step, you could lose some direction on where your funds are going. A reporting service is meant to help a company finish their tax filing process in a simple and organized way so that in the future past records are easily accessible for both the company and the IRS or the SSA. Reporting services that are web-based have many more benefits than reporting services that cannot be done online.


Faster Delivery

When you file your W-2 and 1099-MISC forms, you should also be reporting the files to the IRS and the SSA in order to keep track of money paid. If you choose to do your reporting with QuickBooks, you are adding in an extra step to your tax filing process. QuickBooks does not offer a reporting feature for submitting these forms to the IRS or SSA. To do so with QuickBooks, a person would have to go to an office supplies store, buy specific QuickBooks forms and special envelopes, and then mail the forms to the recipients, the State, and the IRS. On the other hand, Wage Filing is totally paperless and easy to use; you can do all of your filing and reporting at once, which means the delivery of documents is received much faster. You will not have to worry about paying a penalty if you forget to send the reporting forms in either because Wage Filing will make sure they are sent as soon as you are finished.


More Flexible

With a web-based reporting system, you have a few more options than with QuickBooks W-2 reporting. After entering and filing your forms, you have the option to print the forms from your computer instead of on special paper and envelopes. Then your forms are e-filed to the IRS or SSA as soon as you are ready to purchase and send them. After all the hard work has been done, you have the option to save reported files for your own personal records by saving them as a PDF or document, or printing them out. This is a more flexible way to get your taxes filed instead of having to stick to a certain process. Wage Filing also lets you save information so that once you enter forms the first time you do not have to do it all over again next year.


Cost Efficient

QuickBooks 1099-MISC forms can get expensive to file if you are constantly making a trip to your office supplies store. Because it requires you to buy special envelopes and print out all documents, you are spending money on the paper, stamps, envelopes, and filing fee. File with Wage Filing instead and save yourself a lot of money, as well as being kind to the environment by choosing a paperless method.


Easy to Use

Unlike 1099-MISC QuickBooks forms, Wage Filing makes it easy to file your taxes and report the forms using a web-based reporting service. In addition to having a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, Wage Filing walks users through the entire process. After creating an account online, you can enter the forms accordingly, as well as file a correction, file your forms from past years, and check your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). They also offer links to first-time users about how Wage Filing works and an FAQ page in case you have questions about the process.


Web-based reporting systems have been proven to make tax filing a much simpler process without all of the stress. Start your tax filing today with Wage Filing; they will be able to help you should you be stuck on any forms, as well.