Bob Miner, co-Founder

Corpus Christi Office

Few people have more experience in tax software than Bob Miner. Bob has been a professional software developer since the early 1970s, when the internet was being born. In the 80s, he began writing 1099-MISC filing tax software to help his own oil and gas clients fulfill tax reporting obligations for their investors. By 1988, Bob was selling the earliest version of 1099-MISC Express – the e-filing provider which powers WageFiling – to small business customers.

In 2001, Bob received a call out of the blue from Scott Zubrickas, a tax form veteran with entrepreneurial ideas. Leveraging 1099-MISC Express’ ability to integrate with Excel data, the two created an agile new web-based extension of the software and formed WageFiling, a product which soon went viral in the small business marketplace.

Through his work with 1099-MISC Express, Bob has worked directly with the IRS for over 25 years, to ensure his tax filing software remains the industry standard. During tax season, Bob is in direct contact with IRS staff on a nearly daily basis. Thanks to Bob’s prolific software development skills and deep understanding of the tax industry, 1099-MISC Express continued to evolve with new technology, ensuring WageFiling’s accuracy and IRS/SSA compliance.

A family man, Bob’s family has always played an important role in his business, with his wife and children playing various key roles in 1099-MISC Express.

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Scott Zubrickas, CoFounder

Grand Rapids Headquarters

Scott Zubrickas kickstarted his work in the accounting industry in 2001 by creating one of the first ecommerce solutions for businesses and tax professionals looking to buy accounting supplies online. At the time, nearly all tax supplies were sold through catalogs, so moving to online sales made it easy for small businesses to source their supplies – without having to print yearly catalogs. Seven years later, Scott partnered with Bob to develop WageFiling, which is now the tax industry’s leading alternative to tax forms – a service which eliminates the need for forms altogether.

Leveraging nearly a decade of firsthand experience dealing with the tax supply needs of our customers, and working with the IRS to assure compliance, Scott’s personal goal is to make tax filing easier and easier for small businesses each year. He and Bob have dedicated their careers to this industry, and to this day they continue to be the voices on the other line when customers call. Scott believes that communicating directly with clients is key to WageFiling’s ability to provide the best customer support in the industry.

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Stephanie Lopez, Customer Service & Bilingual Support

Corpus Christi Office

If you’re a Spanish-speaking customer and you’ve used WageFiling in the past, chances are you’ve talked with Stephanie. As WageFiling’s bilingual Customer Service Manager, Stephanie has a passion for helping others and keeping a positive attitude. She’s worked in customer service, technical support and sales in industries across the country and is currently completing a degree in Business Administration. Stephanie is proud to apply her bilingual skills to provide fast, convenient service to WageFiling’s Spanish speaking clients. Her goal – and ours – is to be here for all WageFiling’s customers, ready to take on any task!

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Megan Zubrickas, Customer Support

Megan has been a key part of Wagefiilng’s seasonal online service and support since 2009. She brings a warm and dedicated level of support from her regular job as a nurse to our customers when they need it most. Whether it’s through live chat or the phones, you can be assured that with Megan, you’re in good hands!

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Save Time, Money & Trees!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

When we started out we didn’t know the impact our service would have on the environment. It was our customers that brought the amount of paper-waste when filing W-2 and 1099-MISC forms each year to our attention. We looked at the number of users we have and were able to determine that over the last 3 years our customers have helped save 5 Million forms from the landfill. So we wondered what else we could do. We made changes to our office by purchasing 24% of our overall energy from renewable resources including biomass, solar and wind. We’re not a huge company but every little bit helps. It’s our goal to be able to plant 60 trees or more each year and eliminate the need for tax forms altogether!