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If you have a project you’re working on through your business, or have something that you’ll need help on for a long time, you can find help either way. Contractors are generally best for short term work and employees will work mainly for you usually. Learn here when to work with employees and contractors.

A contractor is who you’re going to want to hire if you have work for them to do that isn’t permanent. For instance, you’re going to want to hire contractors to help you build and set up your store because that only needs to happen once. You may also need to call them in to help with various maintenance problems. Having a few contractors for various tasks you can call is better than employing people that you have sitting around waiting for a problem that rarely happens.

Employees are people who work with your company on a day to day basis. There are full and part-time employees depending on what you need from them. When you have tasks that have to be done each day, then you need to have people that can clock in at your place of business, help by doing their job, and keep working with you in a quick and effective way. Then you can give people raises, promotions, and have them become a big part of your company after they prove themselves so you have a group of people that you handpicked and know are great for business.

When you don’t like a contractor, you don’t have to worry about it because you can just tell them not to come back. With an employee, you will have to think about what you are doing more because they depend on you for their job. Of course, if you live in certain places you can fire employees for whatever reason you’d like. Contractors are not really bound to your company like an employee is so you don’t have to worry about their morale or giving them a raise because they’re going to do one or two jobs for you and that’s it.

The cost of doing business with a contractor is usually a little more money per hour when you do the math than what you pay an employee. That’s because when you need something specific done that nobody in your company is capable of, it’s going to cost you more than doing projects you’ve been working on for a long time each day. Of course, this can vary according to what you’re going to have worked on, but with people that are employed by you are going to make the same wage despite what they’re working on.

It’s pretty easy to see that contractors and employees each have their place in your company. You may even find yourself asking contractors if they would like to join you as an employee if you are satisfied with their work. Having the best people on hand for a job will help you to know that the work is being done right.

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