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New ACA Form Reporting Requirements

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a healthcare reform law. Also known as Obamacare, it aims to provide more Americans with affordable healthcare insurance. The Affordable Care Act is also meant to improve the quality of current healthcare in America. The ACA wants to help Americans by protecting them from insurance companies taking all of

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How to File a 1099-MISC without Contractor Tax ID

A 1099-MISC form is a form that records payments of $600 or more made that year to a contractor. One of the elements that need to be present on a 1099-MISC form is the taxpayer identification number. The taxpayer identification number (TIN) is a number used to identify a person for tax purposes. This TIN

Form 1099-B: What You Need to Know

  A 1099-B form is a form that is issued by a broker in order to give an overview of all transactions made regarding stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and securities, as well as any gains or losses. All of these stock transactions must be reported to the IRS in order to successfully file your taxes.

1042-S reporting: What is it?

A 1042-S form is a form issued by the IRS used to report payments made to foreign employees or students who are subject to income tax withholding. Anyone who is subject to income tax withholding is still help responsible for turning in a 1042-S form even in the event of a tax exemption or if

4 Reasons to Use a Web-Based 1099/W-2 Reporting Service

Reporting services are an important part of the tax filing process. Without this step, you could lose some direction on where your funds are going. A reporting service is meant to help a company finish their tax filing process in a simple and organized way so that in the future past records are easily accessible

The Differences between an Employee and a Contractor: Tax Forms

Knowing how to tell the difference between issuing a W-2 form and a 1099-MISC form can be a little confusing, especially if you are part of a company that deals with many different types of workers. However, knowing which worker is an employee and which one is a contractor is important for your business so

Real Estate Agents and Their Assistants: What are Your Financial Obligations?

The real estate market is an ever-growing business with clients always looking for a real estate agent to help them find a home or office. One of the best features of being a real estate agent is that there is always a need for an agent to help a person look for the right property,

1099-MISC Deadline is March 31

Avoid the real March Madness and file your 1099-MISC to the IRS before or on March 31, 2015 to avoid late fees and penalties. If you fail to file a correct 1099-MISC return by the due date and you cannot show reasonable cause, you may be subject to a penalty. The penalty applies if you

Do we file a 1099-MISC to an LLC or large Corporation?

Who To Send A 1099-MISC Form To? Posted by Tom Taulli (@ttaulli) operates MasterCFO, which provides income tax preparation and tax problem resolution for individuals and businesses. I recently got the following question from a tax client: “Last year I paid $1,000 to someone to build my website. But his business is an LLC. I

2015 Filing Deadlines Clarified

The deadline for filing your W-2 and 1099-MISC forms is coming up quickly, and we’re here to help you meet your deadlines. Let’s take a quick look at what those due dates are and talk a bit about how you can be sure to hit them with time to spare. January 31st or February 2nd?

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