One of the most common reasons for receiving a 1099-Misc is that you are self-employed or worked as an independent contractor at some point during the year. In most cases, clients are required to send you a 1099-Misc reporting form if you made over $600 with them in that tax year. There are sometimes when that is different, but not often.

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As a self-employed professional, you are required to report everything you made on that 1099 during tax season, just as you would be if you filed a W-2. However, it is a little different when you are filing a 1099-Misc reporting form than it is when you are filing a W-2. With that being said, read on below for some of the basics of 1099-Misc reporting.

Taking Deductions on a 1099

One of the great things about filing a 1099 over a W-2 is the deductions you can claim on your Schedule C. Of course, the deductions must be ordinary business expenses, meaning a gold necklace for your girlfriend cannot be deducted on your taxes but your office supplies can be. For example, a ton of expensive computer graphic equipment is considered necessary for someone in the graphic arts field, however, hiring a limo to dazzle a client will not be considered a necessity but a luxury instead and not a deduction to be put on your taxes.

Self-Employment Taxes on a 1099

As a self-employed contractor, your social security and Medicare taxes still have to be paid. However, you are required to add up and pay these taxes yourself; it will not be done for you. You should make sure to attach a copy of these taxes to your form when you file your taxes during tax season and turn them in.

Estimated Tax Payments on a 1099

One thing about working with a 1099 is that your employer will not take taxes out of your check like they do with a W-2. You are required to take care of these things yourself and should do so wisely. This also doesn’t mean that you can wait

and just pay the taxes during tax season. Sometimes you are required to pay your taxes four times during the year. The best thing to do is contact a tax professional and see what the best way for you to go is when it comes to filing your taxes when you are using a 1099.

Online or Professional Filing

There are two ways that you can file your 1099-Misc. You can file online or you can go to the professionals and have them take care of it for you. It is best to make a list of the pros and cons of each and then decide which is the best route for you and your business.

These are just a few of the basics of 1099-Misc filing that you will need to know for help throughout the year and into tax season. If you have questions, the professionals at Wage Filing will be happy to help you.