Issuing a W-9 is the first step in collecting Contractor information used to report money paid at the end of the year on a 1099-MISC. Issuing the W-9 form helps insure the data you submit to the IRS is valid and can help you avoid costly penalties. Wagefiling offers a unique service called Contractor Conversion. Once you issue the W-9 and receive it back from your Contractor, simply upload the W-9 to your account (via secure FTP) and it will convert it to a 1099-MISC for the current filing year. That way, when filing season rolls around all your contractors for the year will be entered under your account, just update the dollar amounts paid and you are done! For more information on how the service works click here.

Either way you can download a copy of the most current IRS Approved W-9 below
W-9 Form (Rev Nov 17′)