Larger 1099 and W2 Filing Services

For customers with 30 or more forms to file, we offer custom solutions for you. With the help of our Authorized IRS e-file Provider, 1099-MISC Express, we print and mail recipient copies and electronically file to the IRS/SSA for one low price.  No need to enter data – you can upload your files and we’ll take it from there.

With 38 years experience and trusted by companies big and small, we have the services to fit any budget.

Please contact us to receive a quote in minutes.

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With all Service Bureau Activites

 All information submitted is confidential.
• All transfers are via secure web site (128 bit SSL encryption).
• You are invoiced for e-filing after the work is done.
• You don’t need to acquire a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) from the IRS.
• We provide a written tracking report and confirmation from the IRS.
• IRS automatically forwards a copy of each 1099 to requesting states under the CF/SF program.
• We check the IRS file status to be certain there were no format errors.
• You receive written proof that your records had no format errors if requested.
• You know everything is finalized and done, completely and accurately!
• Our software has computer filed 1099s to the IRS since 1988.
• We are an official IRS Quality Supplier, see IRS letter at our Web site.
• Our staff has 38 years computer programming experience.
• You don’t need to communicate with the IRS