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A 1099-B form is a form that is issued by a broker in order to give an overview of all transactions made regarding stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and securities, as well as any gains or losses. All of these stock transactions must be reported to the IRS in order to successfully file your taxes. A 1099-B form must be reported for each sale your stock transactions make. If you choose to create a consolidated tax statement, it is possible that you would see more than one sale if that is what your records show. Compare your records with the 1099-B form so that you know all information is correct.


What is Included in a 1099-B Form?


A brokerage firm or barter exchange must report all stocks, contracts, commodities, securities, and anything else that he or she has sold for liquid cash. Each transaction must be reported on its own individual form for the IRS. The guidelines for a 1099-B form have change slightly in the past few years; for example, both short-term and long-term sales must be reported, which was not the case a few years earlier. Brokers and barter exchanges should remember that they do not have to report anything from organizations who give to others, IRAs, corporations, and the like, all of which is explained on the IRS’s government website.


Why Do I Need a 1099-B Form?


The IRS requires investors and brokers to report the original value, or cost basis, of financial securities for the last taxable year. A cost basis is defined as the value of an asset, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or commodities that needs to be reported in order to file taxes. It is important to report the exact amount of expenses and income for the most recent taxable year; otherwise, you could end up owing the IRS too little or too much in taxes. Just like any other form that needs to be filed for tax purposes, the 1099-B form requires the broker or barter exchange to provide information about each client including their Social Security number and sales made with that person.


Forgetting to Report a 1099-B Form


If you are a broker, you will send the 1099-B form to each of your clients for them to fill out for you. If you are a client, be prepared to fill out a 1099-B form for each taxable year you are working with your broker. It is important to get your 1099-B form turned in before the deadline, however if you forget to report your 1099-B form or are delinquent in returning it back to your broker, the IRS has guidelines on how to deal with that. The IRS requests that anyone who has forgotten to file a 1099-B form fill out an amended tax return using the 1040X form. This form is used to report the correct amounts that would have originally been on your 1099-B form. You should turn in the amended tax return as soon as possible in order to avoid any penalties or additional fines from the IRS.


When you are ready to file your 1099-B form, use WageFiling to make it easy for you. With a simple and user-friendly interface, WageFiling can help you upload, fill in, and send off all the documents you will need to report for the most recent taxable year. You can also look back on old forms and save them for your records so that you always stay organized and in control.