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Every year, businesses in the United States must report wages paid to employees and contractors, a process that includes visiting the office supply store to buy traditional pre-printed W-2 and 1099-MISC forms and compatible envelopes and software, usually only available in larger quantities than you need. Once you have the forms back at the office they have to be printed, stuffed and mailed to the recipient, state and federal agencies all by January 31. This costs the average business filing for 10 employees about $300 in time and materials each year. The IRS also increased the penalties for late filing by $100 per person in 2014.

You can avoid all the hassle without leaving your desk and complete your filing for just $3.49 per person. At WageFiling.com our web-based system allows you to enter your data online and instantly print IRS-approved recipient copies on plain paper (or save as a secure PDF) and we electronically file your data to the IRS, SSA and states that participate by the established filing deadlines, guaranteed! No forms, no software, no hassle. Your account data is stored securely year after year for easy access and filing.

This year you can even save on stamps with the new IRS regulation called SSN Masking. SSN Masking protects the identifying information found on those forms by hiding the first five digits of the SSN or EIN with an X. So whether you email these forms or send them using the postal service, you can be confident you’ve done your part in protecting your workers’ identities from being stolen.

WageFiling has been a Quality Supplier to the IRS since 1996 and the only owner-operated service on the market. We stand behind our product with an outstanding support team with IRS and tax experience. We even provide bilingual support for our Spanish-speaking customers.

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