1099 misc instructions

Five Things You Should Know About Paying Your Employees Fairly

  While some businesses start out with a single person behind them, most people eventually wind up hiring a few employees. Of course, if you're going to bring on employees, you'll need to make sure you compensate them appropriately. If you don't know what you should pay your employees, keep on reading. You'll be able

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Three Tips for Avoiding Mistakes on 1099-Misc Forms

1099-Misc forms are used to report payments that are miscellaneous to the IRS. Generally, these are filled out for independent contractors who are not considered employees of any specific company. If you are an independent contractor who has to fill out a 1099-Misc tax return document and give it to the IRS, you might want

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1099-MISC Instructions – Who gets one?

Each year we get questions on who falls into the category to receive a 1099-MISC. Below is a excerpt from the IRS.gov (minus a lot of jargon) that can help a reference on who is required to get a 1099-MISC for work or services performed over the calendar year. As you will see basically it