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E-Filing Tax Forms with Wagefiling: Just How Much Will It Save You?

Since the time businesses began having to report employee and contractor wages to the IRS and SSA, filing has been a bit of a hassle. Let us paint you a picture here. In the beginning, business owners would have to order W-2/1099 forms and software from a catalog (using a fax machine. Oh the horror).

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You Just Found Out You’re Being Audited, Now What?

  When you want to bounce back from an audit, there are some tips that you will need to keep in mind. Being audited by the IRS can be an incredibly scary situation, so it is incredibly important that you learn the best ways to proceed. By taking these points into consideration, you will have

Five Things You Should Know About Paying Your Employees Fairly

  While some businesses start out with a single person behind them, most people eventually wind up hiring a few employees. Of course, if you're going to bring on employees, you'll need to make sure you compensate them appropriately. If you don't know what you should pay your employees, keep on reading. You'll be able

4 Reasons to Use a Web-Based 1099/W-2 Reporting Service

Reporting services are an important part of the tax filing process. Without this step, you could lose some direction on where your funds are going. A reporting service is meant to help a company finish their tax filing process in a simple and organized way so that in the future past records are easily accessible

W-2/1099 Forms are dead, so sad

Every year, businesses in the United States must report wages paid to employees and contractors, a process that includes visiting the office supply store to buy traditional pre-printed W-2 and 1099-MISC forms and compatible envelopes and software, usually only available in larger quantities than you need. Once you have the forms back at the office

Report 1099-MISC/W-2 Wages Online or through Mail?

In less than 90 days businesses that paid an employee or contractor have to report the wages to the IRS, State, SSA and mail out copies to the recipient. Traditionally that meant going to the office supply store to buy the forms, envelopes and software. Back the office the real fun begins! Moving your data