1099-Misc forms are used to report payments that are miscellaneous to the IRS. Generally, these are filled out for independent contractors who are not considered employees of any specific company. If you are an independent contractor who has to fill out a 1099-Misc tax return document and give it to the IRS, you might want to continue reading to learn how to avoid making mistakes on your form.

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  1. Double Check Your Work

This is an obvious method to prevent making mistakes on 1099-misc forms, but checking your work over a few times is so important. You might just end up catching a mistake or two on a few lines that will mess with your tax returns. Check everything over carefully because you only get one tax return per year and you want to make sure you are getting as much money back from the IRS as you possible can.

  1. Get a Professional to Help You

If you have a friend or you happen to know someone who knows how to do taxes really well, then ask them to help you. Even if you just need an extra pair of eyes to help you check over your work, it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you need a lot of help, then ask them if they know how to fill out 1099-misc form.

  1. Follow the Directions

There are directions stated every step of the way for any tax form that you fill out. It should tell you what lines to fill out and what lines you can skip. If you still aren’t sure about what you should do, then either search online to find out what the form is talking about or call the IRS and see if they can help you with what you need to fill out.

  1. Use White Out

While it is not considered to be professional, white out works in a pinch. If you accidentally filled out a line you weren’t supposed to, white out what you inputted into the form. It saves you the time of having to fill out the form again and it is still a valid tax return form. However, whatever you do, do not scratch anything out on the form in pen or pencil. This looks really bad and if you do actually make a mistake on the form, the IRS might be less willing to work with you to fix the problem.

If you follow the directions, 1099-misc forms aren’t that hard to fill out. Just make sure that you have documentation of all of your income sources and that you fill out the form correctly. If you happen to make mistakes, then you can either fill out the form again or use white out to save time. If you are really having trouble with the form, then try calling the IRS or consult a friend or tax return specialist because even if you just want them to look it over really quickly, they will know exactly what to look for and how to help you.