The IRS, Internal Revenue Service, requires American’s to file a tax return if they are a working citizen and make over so much in a year. Many people fail to file the required forms and do not realize that the penalties and interest just continue to pile up year after year that you do not get it done. The obligation to file these taxes never goes away and can end in garnishment of your wages, seizure of property and even prison time if it goes too far. With that being said, read on below for some tips on what you need to do if you need to file a past year W-2.

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Collect Your Income Information

You need to get together any W-2’s that you have, and if not get together all of the income information you can find for that tax year before you set out to get the taxes taken care of. If you are missing a W-2 and cannot get it from the employer, then you can contact the IRS or a tax site online to get the form you need to fill out or a replacement W-2. Once you have all of the information together, you are ready to file your past year W-2.

Download Prior Year Tax Forms

There are two ways to proceed from here to file your past year W-2. You can go to a professional tax preparer and have them file for you, or you can download the forms and do the taxes yourself. If you do not feel comfortable with doing your own past taxes, it is best to have a professional take care of the problem.

You must always file overdue tax returns on the tax forms for that year, or you will be caught up in confusion it will be hard to handle.

Prepare the Past Tax Returns

Never forget that tax laws and instructions change from one year to the next, so before you start preparing your past tax return, check to see that the instructions are the same for that year that you are filing in. Failing to follow the proper instructions can end in you having to repeat the entire process while the penalties and interest just keep building.

Submit the Forms

Once you have prepared your past tax return, check it over a few times to ensure that it is right and you have not missed anything. If you owe anything to the government, make sure to include as large of a payment as possible, so that you can start to reduce those interest charges. Submit the form and wait for word from the IRS that it was received.

These are the steps that you need to follow if you want to file a past W-2. Evading filing your taxes is a serious offense and is punishable by fines, prison, or both if you keep failing to respond to notices. File your taxes when they are due, just to be on the safe side.