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When you want to bounce back from an audit, there are some tips that you will need to keep in mind. Being audited by the IRS can be an incredibly scary situation, so it is incredibly important that you learn the best ways to proceed. By taking these points into consideration, you will have the best chance possible of surviving the audit and providing yourself the greatest opportunity to make it a footnote in your financial life as opposed to a serious hindrance. Take advantage of these tips below so that you are able to know what do once you’ve gotten audited.

Hire a tax professional

The very first thing you need to do when you realize you are being audited is reach out to a professional who can help you out. In most situations, doing things yourself is what got you audited to begin with! So if you want to be sure that you can bounce back from it, you will need to hire a professional, or better yet a team of professionals who can assist you further. By touching base with these tax professionals, you will have all that you need to bounce back from the audit. This is important whether you are doing business with a tax lawyer or an accountant. They will immediately take inventory of your audit situation and will figure out the discrepancy and see to it that you are able to protect yourself moving forward.

Get your records together

Once you have hired a professional, you will need to also be sure that you get your records together so that you can put together a case. Dealing with facts will be your most important modus operandi moving forward, so set up a system that lets you keep plenty of records and know where to find them. Make sure that you keep your records stored as both hardcopies and digital files. By having these files located in multiple locations, you will have all that you need to prove your case to the authorities.

Watch what you say at all times

Even though you should be honest during an audit or during correspondence, you should still watch everything that you say on a regular basis. Answer questions to the best of your ability but do not volunteer any information that is not directly related to a specific question being asked. By seeing to it that you know your rights and know exactly what you are dealing with, you will have the opportunity to protect yourself while still fulfilling your obligations. This is also a situation where a quality lawyer will come in handy, because they will advise you on the things that you should or should not talk about and better yet, can speak for you in these situations whenever necessary. Never withhold information when directly asked, but don’t go into great detail either. Say only the absolute minimum that is necessary.

Keep these points in mind so that you are able to do all that you can in order to deal with an audit.

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