About us

30+ Years In Business

About WageFiling

WageFiling is a fast, inexpensive e-Filing service that helps small businesses file and store their 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, and W-2 forms every year. 

WageFiling is fast, easy, and accurate. 

In addition to filing current year forms, we offer e-Filing services on corrections for past year.

WageFiling relies on proprietary software and has been an IRS Trusted Supplier since 1996. Our service has been utilized by organizations like CPA Practice Advisor, Google, Coca-Cola, and even the IRS itself for over 25 years

Who Uses WageFiling?

We cater to small businesses just like yours. Here are just a few of the many industries that take advantage of our user-friendly service:

Event Planners Painters Musicians Construction Companies Designers

Tax Professionals Seasonal Businesses Religious Organizations Realtors   

Breweries Artists Marketing Agencies Photographers Carpenters 

As small business ourselves, we understand what challenges you face during tax season. We’ve worked hard to make e-Filing fast, painless, and affordable.