Compatible Forms

1099-NEC Forms

Non-Employee Compensation Forms
The 1099-NEC is the form used by the IRS to report nonemployee compensation, such as pay from 1099 independent contractor jobs or self-employment income.

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1099-MISC Forms

Miscellaneous forms.
The 1099-MISC is the form used by the IRS to report rents, royalties, or other form of income that is not nonemployee compensation.

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W-2/W-2C Forms

W-2 & W-2C
The W-2 tax form provides key details about your income, tax withholdings, benefits, and more for the year. It is essential for filing federal and state taxes accurately.

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1099-DIV Forms

1099-DIV (Dividends & Distribution)
Form 1099-DIV is a document used by banks and financial institutions to report dividends and distributions to taxpayers and the IRS.

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1099-INT Forms

1099-Interest forms.
The 1099-INT tax form serves as a record that a person or entity has paid an individual interest during the tax year.

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1098-MORT Forms

1098-Mortgage forms.
The 1098-MORT form is an IRS form used by taxpayers to report the amount of interest and related expenses paid on a mortgage during the tax year when the amount totals $600 or more.

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1099-R Forms

1099-Retirement forms.
The Form 1099-R is used to report distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit-sharing plans, IRAs, charitable gift annuities, and insurance contracts.

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1099-S Forms

1099-S Forms
The Form 1099-S is used to report the sale or exchange of real estate or certain royalty payments.

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