Frequently Asked Questions

1099-NEC has to be postmarked AND e-filed by January 31st.
Yes, but you are still responsible for filing a correction once you receive the SSN.
No, unless you have a government-deemed catastrophic event.
YES! We can file current year and prior year corrections for 1099 NEC and MISC
There are only advantages to e-filing including added security,
No. By e-filing with us we take care of that for you. You can print a 1096 and W3 for your own records.

No, If you need to make W-2 corrections, please go to the Social Security Website here.

On the SSA site you can:

– LOGIN (if you have your account already set up) or

– REGISTER (if this is your first time).

You can e-file and print up to 50 W-2 corrections at one time. And best of all its FREE

For official information about SSA Forms W-2 and W-3 please see W-2 and W-2 Instructions.(need new link)

  • Form W-2 Copy A is from you, the employer, to the Social Security Administration. This copy is never printed. Instead, WageFiling.com e-files this copy to the SSA. Then we will send you a confirmation.
  • Form W-3 is a paper transmittal and is not required because we e-file Copy A electronically.
  • Form W-2 Copy 1 is from you to the state, city, or local tax department, when required by the state. Send them all in one envelope to the state.
  • Form W-2 Copy B is from you to the employee for filing with the employee’s federal tax return.
  • Form W-2 Copy C is from you to the employee for his records. The “Instructions to Recipient”, must be printed on the back of this form, OR enclosed on a separate page.
  • Form W-2 Copy 2 is from you to the employee. Copy 2 is to be filed with the employee’s state, city, or local income tax return when required by the state. You should send the employee additional Copy 2’s if there are multiple states, a city or local taxing jurisdiction.
  • Form W-2 Copy D is your copy, for the employer.

1099-Misc Copy A is from you, the filer, to the IRS. This copy is never printed. Instead, WageFiling.com e-files this copy to the IRS. Then we will send you a confirmation.

    • 1099 Form 1096 is a paper transmittal and is not required because we file Copy A electronically.
    • 1099-Misc Copy 1 is from you to the state tax department when required by the state. Send them all in one envelope to the state, when required. 
    • 1099-Misc Copy B is from you to the recipient for his records. The “Instructions to Recipient” are automatically printed on this copy by WageFiling.com.
    • 1099-Misc Copy 2 is from you to the recipient, for the recipient’s state tax return (when required), or as an extra copy for the recipient.

1099-Misc Copy C is your copy, for your records.

The account is set up in your name or company name. You can create files for multiple filers and create as many recipient copies as you need.  There is no limit or added cost for additional filers.

For general information about who must file, deadlines, penalties, corrections, etc. from the IRS please see the IRS’ 1099 General Instructions. For information about which boxes to use on IRS form 1099-Miscellaneous, see the IRS’ 1099-Misc Instructions.

Laser printed “Substitute” W-2 forms are authorized by the IRS in Publication 1141 on document page 11 under Section 2 Requirements for Substitute Forms Furnished to Employees (Copies B, C and 2 of Form W-2).

Laser-printed “Substitute” 1099 forms are approved by the IRS in Publication 1179 on document page 19, under Part 4 Sections 4.1 through 4.5, Substitute Statements to Form Recipients and Form Recipient Copies.

Prices for 1099-Misc or W-2 forms are Original (Normal): $3.79 per form, Previous Years: $4.99 per form, Corrections: $4.99 per form

We e-File Copy A to the IRS or SSA for you. You must print the recipient copies and mail them. You may print your copies for your records. If your state requires copies, you should print and mail those copies for the states, when required. If you have questions about the IRS Combined Federal/State Filing program for 1099 forms, go to the IRS website here.

Yes. The IRS requires permission. Please review their policy here:  https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1099gi.pdf#page=17

Our built-in feature protects the sender and recipient by masking the SSN/TIN on the recipient copies of W-2/1099 Forms. This adds an extra level of security for the recipient and can help protect the company issuing the forms from liability.

Each year, over 10 million Americans are made vulnerable to identity theft through the mail during tax season. A significant portion of these identity crimes are committed by stealing personal mail.

Because recipient forms are required to be mailed in envelopes marked “Official Tax Document Enclosed”, mailed recipient copies raise a huge flag to identity thieves. The “Official Tax Document Enclosed” text offers the perfect way for identity thieves to quickly steal their victims’ most vulnerable and important information.

Not only does mailing sensitive tax ID info leave employees and contractors open to risk, but it also places the individual or business reporting the wages open to liability. If a contractor’s recipient 1099 or W-2 copies are stolen from the mail, the employing person or business may be liable for damages.

The good news is that there’s a simple step employers can take to protect themselves and their contractors.

The IRS offers those companies that choose to e-file their recipient forms an identity protection service called “SSN Masking”, also known as “SSN Truncation”.

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