Three Tips for Avoiding Mistakes on 1099-Misc Forms

1099-Misc forms are used to report payments that are miscellaneous to the IRS. Generally, these are filled out for independent contractors who are not considered employees of any specific company. If you are an independent contractor who has to fill out a 1099-Misc tax return document and give it to the IRS, you might want

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Are My Employees’ Identities Safe When I File 1099-misc Forms Online?

Filing taxes online is a relatively new commodity in the working world. People who started filing their taxes long before internet taxpaying rolled around probably have a harder time using online functions than those who are younger workers. Whatever the case might be, if you are filing your 1099-misc forms online, there is a chance

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How to File a 1099-MISC without Contractor Tax ID

A 1099-MISC form is a form that records payments of $600 or more made that year to a contractor. One of the elements that need to be present on a 1099-MISC form is the taxpayer identification number. The taxpayer identification number (TIN) is a number used to identify a person for tax purposes. This TIN

W-2/1099 Forms are dead, so sad

Every year, businesses in the United States must report wages paid to employees and contractors, a process that includes visiting the office supply store to buy traditional pre-printed W-2 and 1099-MISC forms and compatible envelopes and software, usually only available in larger quantities than you need. Once you have the forms back at the office